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Russell is a dedicated single mother, activist, and community leader.

Although she is referred to as an activist. It is the actions fueled by passion and purpose that make her activism most meaningful. From her time collaborating with ​“The Feast Of Hope” ​campaign to feed residents of the Glendale community in Oak Cliff.​ ​Her participation as a member of ​Generation Progress’ National Leadership Council.​ To her role in providing a vital voice of support for the students of South Oak Cliff High school revitalization project. Dallas native Lelani Russell has found herself heavily involved in ​“being the change she wants to see​”. Leaving her footprint all over the city of Dallas and she now has plans to increase her reach and positively impact one of Dallas’ most underserved areas, as an elected city official for district four.

She understands that talking points via protest and the many speaking engagements that she’s been booked for are a segue to the groundwork that she has achieved alongside the Next Generation Action Network. Serving as Chief of Staff from 2015-2016. During this time Russell was featured in Dallas Weekly Magazine’s Top Twenty Millennials. Serving and leading are acts that come second nature to Russell. What is most impressive is that she discerns when to serve and when to lead masterfully. It is her wisdom that guides her in planting herself in places and positions that allow her to make the biggest impact. Russell is keenly aware of how significant it is to put one’s feet to pavement and put action behind her words.

One would say that Russell is walking the path that was always a part of her plan. Being given the guidance and direction at a young age that opened her eyes and mind to the need for community change through community involvement. As a teen she took a path unfamiliar to many of her peers, by becoming an activist. It matured her, most of all it was the catalyst to future endeavors such as feeding the homeless and battered women, through her nonprofit organization Helping Hands And Healing Hearts. As well as serving as a mentor to local youth. To her vision for change today, ratifying the scarcity of food options in her area, bringing forth solutions of revitalization that are community driven. In addition to her efforts to bring solutions to those most impacted by the pandemic, through various relief projects with local organizations.

The single mom of one is dedicated to speaking for the voiceless. Russell understands the need to have a seat at the table, as a decision maker (if she wants to really make an impact)she believes that it's her duty to serve the city in which she grew up and the community in which she lives and raises her young daughter. As she has firsthand experience as it relates to what’s going on in the community and the challenges that are before her. Yet, she forges on resiliently with one of her favorite quotes in mind. “For every dark night, there’s a brighter day”.

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