Lelani Russell

✓ Single mother
✓ Activist
✓ Community Leader
Russell understands the need to have a seat at the table, as a decision maker if she wants to really make an impact. She believes that it's her duty to serve the city in which she grew up and the community in which she lives and raises her young daughter. She has firsthand experience as it relates to what’s going on in the community and the challenges that are before her.

About the


Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is not just a Covid-19 relief issue. Affordable Housing is a long time systemic issue in Dallas.

Tax Lien Relief
✓ Extend Local Eviction Moratorium
✓ Community Land Trust
✓ End Tax Breaks for Developers
✓ Increase affordable housing

Covid-19 Relief & Recovery

Support our communities with a Covid-19 recovery plan focused on housing, health, and jobs.

✓ Accessible vaccine administration
✓ Extend Local Eviction Moratorium
✓ Accessible livable wage jobs ($15+)
✓ Housing for homeless residents
✓ Resources for our most vulnerable

Equity & Access for All

I will fight with community for equity and access across the board including health care, jobs, and livable wages.

✓ Expand mental health response
✓ Reform discriminatory city policies
✓ Reimagine public safety
✓ Expand workforce development
✓ Increase job creation

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